Asmodeus – Dead Vision – Blu Ray

Blu Ray. Limited to 50 copies. Hand numbered. 25$

***SHIPS IN APRIL 2023***

From the mind of Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose), a man performs a bloody incantation and summons an ancient demonic presence. What follows is a nightmarish decent into hell filled with self-mutilation, sexual perversion, and ritualistic demon worship.

Included in the first-time Blu-ray release is the complete collection of Éric Falardeau’s short films.


  • Au moins il pleut (Cou coupé) (HD, 5min, 2021)
  • The Forest (The SerVant) (HD, 5min, 2020)
  • Pulpo Pulquero (Rnbow Trash) (HD, 5 min, 2019)
  • Élégie Nocturne (HD, 11min, 2015)
  • Crépuscule (35mm, 20min, 2011)
  • Le Cycle (HD, 8min, 2009)
  • Coming Home (super8mm, 20min, 2008)
  • Cam Shot (super8mm, 4min, 2008)
  • Purgatory (super8mm, 16min, 2006)
  • La petite mort (miniDV, 3min, 2006)

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