La mirada de Éric Falardeau (Retrospective + Q&A) – Terror Molins 2021

18 NOV 21 20:00

« An essential session around the figure of the filmmaker Éric Falardeau. The program will include the viewing of a selection of his best short films: La petite mort (2006), Purgatory (2006), The Forest (2020), Le Cycle (2009), Crépuscule (2011), Thanatomorphose Trailers (2012) followed by a talk with the director himself based in Canada and moderated by José Miguel Rodríguez, responsible for Free. »

La petite mort (2006)

Purgatory (2006)

Le Cycle (2008)

Crépuscule (2011)

The Forest (2020)

Thanatomorphose Teasers I + II (2021)

Online live Q&A

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rotting Flesh (feat. Éric Falardeau)

Brand new podcast interview for Not Suitable for Anyone by Patrick Anderson.

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Liste to the episode 41 on the platform you want at this link.