15 Things You Didn’t Know About Rotting Flesh (feat. Éric Falardeau)

Brand new podcast interview for Not Suitable for Anyone by Patrick Anderson.

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« Ce huit clos perturbant, nauséabond, à la limite du soutenable, se veut également une oeuvre beaucoup plus profonde que son histoire minimaliste et ses trainées de chair putréfiées ne puissent laisser croire. Éric Falardeau, auteur de l’ouvrage Le corps souillé : gore, pornographie et fluides corporels (2019), nous offre ici un film à la hauteur des éléments dits « underground  » explorés dans son ouvrage en question, et nous expose à sa capacité de les intellectualiser. Les effets spéciaux impressionnants de David Scheffer  et Rémy Couture fascinent presqu’autant qu’ils nous mettent mal à l’aise. Une lente descente aux enfers psychologique et viscérale, à ne regarder qu’après le souper d’Halloween, mais avant les bières décompressantes. »

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Hell yeah!

I’m really proud to be back at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) a few years after our special screening of Thanatomorphose in 2013 where Kayden Rose won the best actress award and David Scherer & Rémy Couture won best special effects.

This year we are back with the animated music video THE FOREST for my band The SerVant!

The Forest is part of the A SERIES OF WEB BITES – WEB SERIES (87 mins) program that will air on Sunday, November 1st at 7:00 pm (repeats at 2:00 am).

This is a feature length program of highlights of the best Canadian horror and sci-fi digital programming.

THE FOREST (Dir. Éric Falardeau) (5:10 mins) music video
ALL THE RIGHT THINGS IN THE RIGHT PLACES (Dir. Peter Sacco) (3:48) music video
PALLIDUS (Dir. Chelsea Jade McEvoy) (15:00 mins) web series
ESLUNA: THE FIRST MONOLITH (Dir. Denver Jackson) (9:43 mins) web series
ZAHARA (Dir. Katarzyna Kochany) (9:04) web series
AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD (Dir. Paul Tanter) (45:00 mins) TV series

The 2020 edition is taking place on Super Channel Fuse from Oct 28 to Nov 7 with a solid line-up of Canadian fright flicks. Have at look at the festival’s website at www.bloodinthesnow.ca/

Eric Falardeau Short Films Collection (Upcoming DVD)

« Muy pronto estará disponible el nuevo DVD de Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose). Un recopilatorio con sus mejores cortos y trabajos inéditos que presentaremos en excluciva. »

FesterEnt will release a DVD compilation of ALL my shorts.

It is the only place where you’ll be able to get all of them together.

It will also include a new movie I’m currently shooting on super8mm film…

Details TBA soon.

Meanwhile, you can grab their limited edition of Thanatomorphose for only 10€!

The Most Disturbing Horror Movies


« Depending on who you ask, Thanatomorphose will either « fascinate, aggravate, and impress, » or it’s « all grue, little substance. » No one will tell you that this 2012 Canadian body horror flick is something that you should watch on a full stomach. Even the film’s detractors say that it « ought to challenge even the most robust of gore fans when it comes to some of its nastiest moments. » 

For most of the film, it’s a one-woman show, as Kayden Rose plays Laura, a woman with a decaying personal life whose body abruptly begins to decay as well after a night of particularly rough intercourse. The bruises that she finds the next morning don’t fade. Instead, they spread and eventually become something much worse. While Rose may be the star, the « special effects are the true stomach-churning winner of the day, » according to Dread Central. »

Orrin Grey