La mirada de Éric Falardeau (Retrospective + Q&A) – Terror Molins 2021

18 NOV 21 20:00

« An essential session around the figure of the filmmaker Éric Falardeau. The program will include the viewing of a selection of his best short films: La petite mort (2006), Purgatory (2006), The Forest (2020), Le Cycle (2009), Crépuscule (2011), Thanatomorphose Trailers (2012) followed by a talk with the director himself based in Canada and moderated by José Miguel Rodríguez, responsible for Free. »

La petite mort (2006)

Purgatory (2006)

Le Cycle (2008)

Crépuscule (2011)

The Forest (2020)

Thanatomorphose Teasers I + II (2021)

Online live Q&A

Asmodeus – Crowdfunding now (a)live!

The crowdfunding campaign for my new project is now online!

Exclusive perks : DVD, 7″ vinyl soundtrack, props, and more! All in can$. 😉


« Asmodeus: « the worst of demons » (Ἀσμοδαῖος, Asmodaios) or Ashmedai (אַשְמְדּאָי‎, ʾAšməddāy), the king of the earthly spirits. Asmodeus, lust. »


Asmodeus is a new film by renowned and acclaimed genre filmmaker Éric Falardeau.

It is a movie ritual, a gory self-portrait, a journey towards enlightenment, loaded with occult imagery, played by Falardeau, where a man invokes and meets three different woman-like incarnations of the lustful demon.

The highlight of the crowdfunding is a 100 copies limited exclusive set made for this ULULE campaign. 75 copies will be available to the general public trough this crowdfunding. The remaining 25 copies will be given to the cast and crew.

Details on the set are:

Factory-pressed DVD of the movie with exclusive bonus content (TBA)
Standard 7″ black vinyl in black paper sleeve
Limited handmade occult art design package (TBA)
Hand-numbered and signed by the director, the band and the artists

Eric Falardeau Short Films Collection (Upcoming DVD)

« Muy pronto estará disponible el nuevo DVD de Éric Falardeau (Thanatomorphose). Un recopilatorio con sus mejores cortos y trabajos inéditos que presentaremos en excluciva. »

FesterEnt will release a DVD compilation of ALL my shorts.

It is the only place where you’ll be able to get all of them together.

It will also include a new movie I’m currently shooting on super8mm film…

Details TBA soon.

Meanwhile, you can grab their limited edition of Thanatomorphose for only 10€!