Asmodeus – Terror Molins EXL Edition – Official Selection

5 – 14 November 2021 in Molins de Rei
October 28 to November 21 Online

The Official Section 2021 is ready. International quality of horror unlimited and satisfying all preferences: Folk horror, gore, psychological, magic, painful and many other adjectives that might be used to describe it. Paying attention to the international personality of TerrorMolins, we will screen works from all far away and closer places such as the Americas and Europe as well as New Zealand or the Eastern countries. Just come and see:

  • Asmodeus by Eric Falardeau
  • Malakout by Farnoosh Abedi
  • Expectancy / Odotusaika by Juho Fossi
  • Mum’s Sweater by Anand K Karma, Yi Chen Hsiao, Mauriziana Gualdrini, Ugo Offner, James Mann
  • Ella y la Oscuridad by Daniel Romero
  • Nevermore by Sheida Sheikhha
  • Sweet Mary Where did you Go? by Michael Anthony Kratochvil
  • Transfer by Jonas Govaerts
  • Bait by Josh Litwhiler
  • Life in a Box / 恐怖娃娃機 by Heng-Chieh Lee
  • Souvenirs d’enfance by Vincenzo Aiello
  • Heart of gold / Un Cœur d’Or by Simon Filliot
  • How to get lost in your own room / 집 안에서 완벽하게 미아가 되는 법 by Jae-hyun Park
  • A Sickness by Guy Soulsby
  • The apartment by Hugues Willy Krebs
  • Tranvía by Carlos Baena
  • Self-actualization of a werewolf woman by Conall Pendergast
  • How to Wash your Hands during the Downfall of Civilization / Cómo Lavarse las Manos mientras la Civilización Colapsa by Federico Sproviero
  • Bloodwater by Adam Scullin
  • Inhumano by Iñigo Acha
  • Penumbra by Daniel Buyers
  • A tale best forgotten by Tomas Stark
  • Feliz Aniversario by Paul Carr Miquel
  • Incarnation / 化身by Noboru Suzuki

Informations and tickets:

Porn Film Festival Berlin 21

Myths and Monsters in the Woods Porn Shorts

« Creative pornography interprets genre cinema, and that includes dark stories of monsters and horror. Cinema has taught us that monsters live in the dark of the woods, and the monsters of this program are awakening our desires. Four scary shorts take us into the forest to get us in the mood for “The Thing From the Lake”.

In this B movie horror porn a scientist is researching strange natural phenomena in a swamp. Her exploratory urge is awakened when she sees a naked man that is seduced by a mysterious woman. What is the secret of the beguiling creature that came from the depth of a lake and seems to breathe through gills? The scientist can‘t help but follow her curiosity – and her lust! »

A Sunday Hike, Saira Barbaric & Alistair Fyrn, US 2017, 13 min, no dialogue
Ichor, X RAZMA, US 2021, 10 min, no dialogue
Possession, altSHIFT, UK / ES / NL 2020, 9 min, engl. OV + engl. UT
La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast), Mathieu Morel, FR 2021,13 min, franz. OV + engl. UT
The Thing from the Lake, Éric Falardeau, CA 2019, 43 min, engl. OV