Hell yeah!

I’m really proud to be back at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) a few years after our special screening of Thanatomorphose in 2013 where Kayden Rose won the best actress award and David Scherer & Rémy Couture won best special effects.

This year we are back with the animated music video THE FOREST for my band The SerVant!

The Forest is part of the A SERIES OF WEB BITES – WEB SERIES (87 mins) program that will air on Sunday, November 1st at 7:00 pm (repeats at 2:00 am).

This is a feature length program of highlights of the best Canadian horror and sci-fi digital programming.

THE FOREST (Dir. Éric Falardeau) (5:10 mins) music video
ALL THE RIGHT THINGS IN THE RIGHT PLACES (Dir. Peter Sacco) (3:48) music video
PALLIDUS (Dir. Chelsea Jade McEvoy) (15:00 mins) web series
ESLUNA: THE FIRST MONOLITH (Dir. Denver Jackson) (9:43 mins) web series
ZAHARA (Dir. Katarzyna Kochany) (9:04) web series
AGE OF THE LIVING DEAD (Dir. Paul Tanter) (45:00 mins) TV series

The 2020 edition is taking place on Super Channel Fuse from Oct 28 to Nov 7 with a solid line-up of Canadian fright flicks. Have at look at the festival’s website at

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