The Most Disturbing Horror Movies

« Depending on who you ask, Thanatomorphose will either « fascinate, aggravate, and impress, » or it’s « all grue, little substance. » No one will tell you that this 2012 Canadian body horror flick is something that you should watch on a full stomach. Even the film’s detractors say that it « ought to challenge even the most robust of gore fans when it comes to some of its nastiest moments. » 

For most of the film, it’s a one-woman show, as Kayden Rose plays Laura, a woman with a decaying personal life whose body abruptly begins to decay as well after a night of particularly rough intercourse. The bruises that she finds the next morning don’t fade. Instead, they spread and eventually become something much worse. While Rose may be the star, the « special effects are the true stomach-churning winner of the day, » according to Dread Central. »

Orrin Grey

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