La mirada de Éric Falardeau (Retrospective + Q&A) – Terror Molins 2021

18 NOV 21 20:00

« An essential session around the figure of the filmmaker Éric Falardeau. The program will include the viewing of a selection of his best short films: La petite mort (2006), Purgatory (2006), The Forest (2020), Le Cycle (2009), Crépuscule (2011), Thanatomorphose Trailers (2012) followed by a talk with the director himself based in Canada and moderated by José Miguel Rodríguez, responsible for Free. »

La petite mort (2006)

Purgatory (2006)

Le Cycle (2008)

Crépuscule (2011)

The Forest (2020)

Thanatomorphose Teasers I + II (2021)

Online live Q&A

The SerVant’s Rock & Roll Spook Show (Festival de la Bête Noire 2021)

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce our next show during the Festival de La Bête Noire!

Tickets are now on sale at!
Only 5$!
This is a pre-recorded live show.
A link will be sent before the festival’s dates.
You will be able to watch the show anytime and as many times as you want for a limited time.

An EP of the recording will be out on our BandCamp later this month. 🙂

The SerVant – Band and Festival De La Bête Noire
The SerVant’s Rock & Roll Spook Show
Festival de la Bête Noire: Horror Theatre Goes Virtual

Stay safe and healthy.

Yours truly,
The SerVant