The SerVant’s Rock & Roll Spook Show (Festival de la Bête Noire 2021)

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce our next show during the Festival de La Bête Noire!

Tickets are now on sale at!
Only 5$!
This is a pre-recorded live show.
A link will be sent before the festival’s dates.
You will be able to watch the show anytime and as many times as you want for a limited time.

An EP of the recording will be out on our BandCamp later this month. 🙂

The SerVant – Band and Festival De La Bête Noire
The SerVant’s Rock & Roll Spook Show
Festival de la Bête Noire: Horror Theatre Goes Virtual

Stay safe and healthy.

Yours truly,
The SerVant

Asmodeus – Crowdfunding now (a)live!

The crowdfunding campaign for my new project is now online!

Exclusive perks : DVD, 7″ vinyl soundtrack, props, and more! All in can$. 😉


« Asmodeus: « the worst of demons » (Ἀσμοδαῖος, Asmodaios) or Ashmedai (אַשְמְדּאָי‎, ʾAšməddāy), the king of the earthly spirits. Asmodeus, lust. »


Asmodeus is a new film by renowned and acclaimed genre filmmaker Éric Falardeau.

It is a movie ritual, a gory self-portrait, a journey towards enlightenment, loaded with occult imagery, played by Falardeau, where a man invokes and meets three different woman-like incarnations of the lustful demon.

The highlight of the crowdfunding is a 100 copies limited exclusive set made for this ULULE campaign. 75 copies will be available to the general public trough this crowdfunding. The remaining 25 copies will be given to the cast and crew.

Details on the set are:

Factory-pressed DVD of the movie with exclusive bonus content (TBA)
Standard 7″ black vinyl in black paper sleeve
Limited handmade occult art design package (TBA)
Hand-numbered and signed by the director, the band and the artists

Under the Bed 2 – DVD Review –

« That is some serious dedication from everyone involved and the audience should appreciate it. I was also really impressed with this scene’s roots. It felt like a re-imagined, pornographic expansion on “The Raft” from “Creepshow 2” and it was incredibly well done. »

Pour lire le reste de la critique :

Le site de la série et pour visionner les épisodes en ligne :

Pour se procurer le DVD :